London based duo Ed Butler and Robbie Lamond are two, rising DJ/Producers behind the hot, new collaborative project entitled Billon. Billon formed in 2013, and apart from releasing countless remixes over the years, they’ve also released two stellar EP’s entitled Turn It Around in 2013 and Meditate in 2014. Now, they have released their brand new hit single through Rinse/Interscope Records called, “Special“, featuring the lovely and soulful lyrics from Maxine Ashley. Amidst the takeover of Deep House within the mainstream audience in America, Billon aptly delivers a refreshing sound to bring back some much needed funk within the Electronic Dance scene. Together, they combine unique textures and sublime elements within each of their productions with thick, rumbling bass lines, crisp percussion, and submerged electric synths. While Billon seeps through diverse sounds of musical innovations, they still hold a tight grip to the core of quality, house music.

Billon took the time to fill us in about their project, their music, their up-coming tour, and what is in store for them in the future:

1.How did you two meet & start Billon?

“We happened to both have studios in the same complex and we were working on stuff for other artists. We actually ended up meeting in the street and decided to get a session in and next thing you know Billon is formed.”

2. What was the inspiration to name the project Billon?

“We decided we wanted something that made sense with what we were and that the coming together of different producers, with different ideas, to make something new; Billon being an alloy made sense. I’m not sure who is which metal.” *laughs*

3. How would you describe your sound to someone who hasn’t heard your music before?

“It’s a modern take of house and garage from the 90s, with a UK Bass flavour. We try to keep it musical for the most part but still love those banging one note bass lines!”

4. What influenced you guys to produce your latest single, “Special” ft. Maxine Ashley? Also, what do you want fans to experience with this track?

“We had just released our 2nd EP ‘Meditate’ at the time and as we both come from production backgrounds of working with artists we thought it was about time we made a vocal track. We wanted to keep it quite soulful so laid down some jazzy chords and then it went from there. House music as a sweeping general statement is very uplifting and we wanted to create that vibe with the song. It definitely got that diva element in the vocal so hopefully people enjoy singing along to it!”

5. You guys are going on your North American Tour this month!
-How does it feel? Any special preparations?

“We’re very excited to see what the response is from the American crowds, hopefully they take a liking to our sound. We just need to make sure we play an exciting set!”

6. Any exciting projects we should expect in the near future?

“We are just going to keep experimenting and developing our sound and hopefully collaborate with some great people along the way.”

Now with their latest release, “Special“, Billon is definitely crafting an eye-catching groove in the scene with their profoundly beautiful sound. Their production revives the classic house apparatus of the early 90’s, while also tapping into the future of electronic dance music. Listen to the stream below and buy your own copy of Billon‘s “Special“, feat. Maxine Ashley HERE

U.S. & Canada Tour Dates HERE