Most of you have probably heard of Ryn Weaver, whose sullen voice and gut-wrenching, deep lyrics have seeped into our souls either through the original or by way of remixes on our SoundCloud feed, or links on our Facebooks and twitters. There is a buzz around this young lady, that is certain. Her EP Promises was released early this year, containing four songs.

The first single entitled, “OctaHate,” was produced by Passion Pit frontman Michael Angelakos, along with Benny Blanco, Cashmere Cat, and Charli XCX, and it absolutely gleams. A stellar team of pop, rock and obscure electronica joined forces to do this track a whole lot of justice. If you are the company you keep, Ryn Weaver just might be the second coming.

“No one saved me,” she says in this song. It’s music like this that will save us all. A lot of people seem to have their favorite remixes of this song, even though the original is super fly. Take your pick. (Two YourEDM staffers are partial to the Pusher flip and Rando remix) Honestly, the original is stupid dope, devoid of frills that may scramble the raw emotion in Weaver’s infectious voice. Her words are intoxicating, hitting you right in the feels. That isn’t to say the pages of remixes aren’t good; just different in a way that makes you think about the song as romantic rather than tragic. Tragedy is often present when epic romance is involved, so I guess it makes sense in the end. There really isn’t a bad version of, “OctaHate.”

That title makes me think of an eight-headed loathsome mongrel, some mythological beast too evil to utter its name. As with romance and tragedy, hate and love & good and evil seem to exist on opposite ends of a pole, equidistant from each other so as one grows, so goes the other. The touch of love and positive vibes could neutralize the beast. A feline perhaps, mysterious and powerful, with a soft coat and magical hair made of cashmere.

Cashmere Cat remixed this track into something stylistically his, embellishing on the original’s melodic whispers and clapping percussions. He tagged it #love on SoundCloud, and says that he made this track for his friend Ryn Weaver. It absolutely shows, as it does in everything he touches. This dude is all love. He manages to maintain the full integrity of original track, even though he makes it completely his own. He owns the sounds he makes, making even the mattress squeak a part of his signature. It is this balance between upbeat melodies and clicking clapping trap beats that astounds me.

His energy comes through in sound waves, warming the coldest of hearts. This remix is the cold and warm, the hate and love. It is everything and nothing. I think the secret lies within those silky blonde locks of his.

It is everything.