One of Trance’s most promising talents is heading towards an unusual direction with his latest release on Always Alive Recordings and this could mean the complete culmination of his best, musical tributes to wildly unveil a beautifully solid Trance single. Dreamy has always been one of those artists that has long lurked in the shadows, and his unique, emotive brand of Trance has long been a feature favorite for many die hard Uplifting fans. However, he has lately gone into the path of artists such as Photographer and Harmonic Rush with a big, full bodied sound that fills up arenas with exceptional amounts of power and drive. He has shied away from his originally euphoric sound into a harder sound for 2014 and singles such as The Life I Chose, Overflow and remixes to Akku‘s Fire In Your Tears and Monada‘s Teleport. However, this new single from Dreamy entitled If I Knew is something quite different from his usual fare of colossal music, as it seems to envelop itself into the older sounds of his earlier tracks with the same drive and power that currently undertakes his current sound. This poses an interesting situation for Trance fans as his earlier works lacked the power needed for a full bodied Trance anthem while his later pieces lack that decisive, emotional aspect that made his tracks great in the first place. With this new connection between the two, it seems like he has finally hit the perfect equation for a stellar run through the melodic troughs of Uplifting.

If I Knew starts with that all knowing drive that Dreamy has been growing accustomed to as of late, as sweeping synths, raining pads and wondrous piano lines showers the listener with a blast of freshly cooled water amidst a raging, yet tranquil waterfall. The common mantra for an Always Alive Recordings release is that it requires some sort of emotional outreach, and this is where Dreamy has personally crafted his sound to become more vulnerable and more gentle than usual. The piano lines and the cascading synth lines hit all the right cracks within the chords to unleash its maximum emotional potential whilst still keeping its forward driven power and depth to make it club ready for any full on 140 set. The breakdown flows with an abundance of personalized character as twinkling synths and blanketing synths underlay a simplistic, yet effective melodic line that is both electronic and instrumental in its piano-like design. Eventually, the main melodic interlude convenes with a beaming message of hope and grace before quickly heading into a classic buildup to increase its depth and character to a new, all time high. Finally, it releases into a gorgeously lush statement that harkens back into the grand old days of Proglifting where the basslines and the melody work in tandem in order to deliver a highly illustrated and highly illuminated musical blueprint that delivers the best of both worlds within Dreamy‘s already high profile of music.

Dreamy‘s If I Knew is out now on Always Alive Recordings via Beatport, so make sure you purchase a copy and support real talent!


Keep the music alive. -Q