What exactly is Trance? This has been a tough question that has been plaguing unsuspecting listeners of the genre for many years, and with certain pioneering artists pushing for Prog House and Big Room within their Trance sound, (not to mention integrating those ornate characteristics into their own productions), it’s hard to figure out what that exactly entails. It is true that there are many different interpretations of Trance and to call a single style a ‘be all end all’ representation would honestly be nonsensical to put it lightly. However, even though the main representation of Trance has now shifted its focus towards the Uplifting community, it still remains what exactly happened to the true identity of Trance. It hasn’t completely disappeared though, but rather, it has simply moved towards the deep trenches of the underground and patiently waits for those who seek its charming, whimsical melodies. In what is quickly becoming one of my all time favorite Trance labels, the incredible talents over at Infrasonic Pure have done everything to keep those classic Trance sounds alive and masterful artists such as Ultimate and Adam Nickey have presented us with some of the finest Trance works of 2014. One of the original purveyors of this fantastic sublabel is none other than the growing prowess of Moonsouls; a lone Croatian producer who is quickly becoming one of the influential leaders of true Trance in its true form and fashion. Other tracks, which include his singles of Till The End Of Time and If I Still Believe have been constantly hammered by Trance afficianato Armin van Buuren, who seems to have a particular fondness to both him and Ultimate; (he even quoted as to say, “I’m just a sucker for these classic Trance sounds“).

Back in 2013, Moonsouls released what I personally consider to be one of the finest Trance pieces in 2013 with Resolution on Infrasonic Recordings‘ main label, and was featured on their first ever Electronic Audio mix compilation. As one of the head originators of Infrasonic Pure, he has now re-envisioned the Original Mix and delivered us a stunning Pure Mix of Resolution, which has already been supported by the likes of Solarstone, UCast and Cold Rush. Resolution starts off with some of the finest curated Trance sounds that has been carefully placed together to optimize complete control, as full bodied basslines, robust percussion sections, lush pads and a semblance of forlorn longing carries through the sublime minor progression, much like the salty waves of old crashing through the towering cliffs of Scotland. In the breakdown, it fills the atmosphere with such warmth and depth that it is almost baffling to even comprehend, and when that electrifying piano line comes in with the help of soulful stings and haunting choirs, it really hits home just how much this piece really sticks to the true roots of Trance. The melodic material arrives with a perfect selection of individualized timbres, which injects this track with a bright, rosy aura that emanates from this track’s already shining characteristics. With a picture perfect buildup that drives the energy home without actually raising the energy, it unleashes into a wondrous melody that is not too strong, nor too powerful, but is instead filled to the brim with the ultimate in pure, emotional impact in order to leave a solid, overwhelming imprint upon the listener. Much like moving your hand underwater, its slow, fluid and controlled movements are layered in a way as to fully connect each part underneath one, massive sweeping motion that refreshes and revitalizes the soul.

Moonsouls‘ Pure Mix of Resolution is now available on Infrasonic Pure via Beatport, so make sure you purchase a copy and support real talent!


Keep the music alive. -Q