As one of the original purveyors of Tech Trance within the modern era of Trance, the explosively dynamic talents of Tempo Giusto has spread far and wide to deliver his undeniably lethal brand of music. While the original version of Tech has been slowly making way to the Psy induced rhythms of labels such as Mental Asylum and Damaged Records, he has been hard at work in keeping the wild, ferocious antics of true Tech Trance close to heart and has not disappointed with his recent array of singles. His releases of Architekt, Propulsion, Game Changer and MOCKBA have all been critically acclaimed by artists such as Armin van Buuren, Mark Sherry, Eddie Halliwell and Ben Gold and each track has been getting more and more frenzied with each and every successful release. We first covered Tempo with his brilliant single of Cartel off of his personal label, Echelon Records, (which you can read here: ). However, for his next project, he has decided to present a dose of his melodic side after his blistering Tech productions with a beautiful remix to Adele‘s classic James Bond inspired single, Skyfall. Armed to the teeth with melodic passion and towering basslines, his decision to release this previously unreleased remix as a free download is the cherry on top of this delicious sundae.

While most people are only aware of his ruthlessly edgy Tech bangers, he also has quite a melodic side to him as past singles of Demigod and his stellar remix to Solarstone & Orkidea‘s Slowmotion II showcases his long, doleful harmonies and brilliantly expressive melodies. Instead of opting for his usual crazy antics, he has taken the original and reworked it into a dark and brooding melodic number that focuses on Adele‘s mournful vocals while keeping the iconic Tempo Giusto sound in tact. The first thing one notices upon first listen is the rich and dense basslines that permeate through every crack throughout the arrangement, as it slowly infects the basslines with a sinister character. This sound is most reminiscent of the classic Coldharbour sound of Markus Schulz, and the clearly defined minor feel really connects with the vocalist’s sonorous words. In the breakdown, he wisely keeps the arrangement to a bare minimum so that the vocals can flow outward in a pure, emotional state of Trance as the advent of accompanying vocals and sweeping strings add flavor and contrast towards the phrase. We absolutely love the brief pause before the next section begins, as it almost marks a poignant period to briefly reflect on the raw power of Adele’s vocals. Finally, with a declarative statement  from the man himself, he fuses together growling basslines and soaring melodies into a true Trance classic with emotions pouring out from all angles throughout the arrangement. Finally, with a brief interlude to relax one’s feet, it slams hard back into the moody Tech territory with a beautiful wind chime effect as it places the perfect touch at the end this fantastic piece.

Tempo Giusto‘s ‘Reloaded‘ bootleg of Adele‘s Skyfall is out now as a free download, so make sure you click the down arrow above and enjoy your free present!


Keep the music alive. -Q