Who would have thought David Guetta of all people would be the one to make me eat my own words? Earlier this week, I criticized Primetime television for making DJs look bad during their live performances. This morning, Good Morning America hosted Guetta, as he performed his latest single “Dangerous” with a six-piece orchestra. As expected, he expressed his fears, as it was the first time in his career that he was performing live with so many instruments and vocalist Sam Martin. The performance was better than expected, an incredibly different take on live performances but slightly similar to Gorgon City on Dancing With The Stars. Check out the full performance below:

Instead of CDJs, Guetta used two MIDI Controllers (yes, that were turned on), Martin played piano, and there were two violins and two guitars. However, in terms of how well the DJ himself was perceived, it still looked like Guetta was out of place; had he been absent from the performance, the show would have still went on without a hitch. Even so, David Guetta’s performance is definitely a step in the right direction. Hopefully his popularity mixed with the use of live instruments will inspire more networks to go that route for future TV segments.


Image Source: David Guetta