Within the world of brutal Tech Trance and cutting Psy Trance, there are many outside contenders that truly and fully represent this genre and completely reject any and all forms of normal conventionality, even with the normal confines of underground Trance. Artists like Indecent Noise, Bryan Kearney and Jordan Suckley are a boon for many Trance fans who are against the modern grain and are focused on the pure underground of Trance, and these artists keep a natural balance between the overcrowding of Prog House and Deep House that is seemingly permeating the natural flow of EDM Mainstream culture. However, there exists one man that rises above the rest that focuses on furious drive and thunderous basslines that seems to epitomize the entire Tech Trance scene as a whole, and his stance on one chord tracks that’s chock full of energy and power are almost unmatched by any artist in the world. Of course, we are talking about the legendary John Askew, who has produced such classics such as The Witch, Shine and his iconic remix to John O’Callaghan‘s Stresstest, which is still played today by many of the world’s leading artists and is considered one of the greatest Trance remixes ever created. John is fortunate enough in order to spin many tracks that others wouldn’t dare touch and during his recent, explosive liveset at the FSOE 350 celebrations at The Ministry Of Sound in London, he was fortunate enough in order to uncover this delicious gem in the form of Unbeat‘s newest tune entitled Martyrdom, and while we strive to unveil new talent, no one could have told us how insatiably powerful this track could be.

Unfortunately, we were not able to find much information regarding Unbeat, but if it’s any consolation, he certainly has the power and grit in order to make it very far within the industry. His sound certainly rivals many of his contemporaries and his pertinence towards hard, driving beats is almost unmatched towards many high end DJ’s. John Askew definitely has a keen eye on finding true talent, and his senses have not failed yet with the release of this stellar mix. In Martyrdom, the main purpose of this track is POWER, with a few added touches and niches to fill the gaps in between the relentless drive that this piece imbues. Filled with a jaw cracking basslines and a fierce, spitting acid line, it’s the simplicity that really pushes the impending doom straight in your face with pounds of raw energy and stellar implementations of power driven rhythms. Each basskick feels like a hard punch in the stomach and the wicked acidic lines seem to lash like a ferocious whip that snaps and snarls throughout each and every crack of the whip. The breakdown brings things to a low simmer, and features a public service announcement from a WWII informational film discussing about nuclear fallout throughout the haunting arrangement and random male and female screams. With demonic laughs that hearken back to John Askew‘s The Witch, it slams us with a thunderous bassline that focuses on the sheer power of Unbeat as an Askew-esque melodic line keeps the pressure on maximum through its unceasing rhythm and rugged torque.

Unbeat‘s stellar single of Martyrdom is out now on D.Max via Beatport, so make sure you purchase a copy and support real talent today! Also make sure to check out the fantastic remix by none other than the Tech monster himself, Matt Skyer!


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Picture Credit: http://www.trancefix.nl/showthread.php?308128-Unbeat-Martyrdom-(incl-Matt-Skyer-Remix)-D-Max