We must sound like a “Broken Record” posting material from the SoySauce camp, who have just revealed their second member to be Royal, who has been covered extensively on our site. The duo’s new future bass single, which features Joni Fatora on vocals, is just as big as the announcement of who is in this group, maybe even bigger. It’s serene soundscape is a safe haven for anyone looking to tune the world out for a few minutes. They went a super chill route, and the result couldn’t have turned out better. If these two continue to put out records this dope, then 2015 is going to be a wild year, especially with Royal making moves (one of which is a soon to be released EP). We shall see if that is the case when the SoySauce Lunch Money EP drops in February. That is when “Broken Record” will become available to the public.

If you want to see SoySauce live at their debut headlining show in DC, then you can do so by heading over to the Facebook Event page.