Over a month ago, the legendary Deadmau5 partnered with Honda to present a one night show, live streamed for the entire world to watch. There were a lucky few who were able to attend the free show but the rest of us had to be content with watching from the comforts of our home. While the event was a hit, it quickly faded into just another live streamed show on the internet.

But now, Honda has revived the show in a very cool fashion. Instead of uploading the set in its¬†entirety, you can now¬†watch Deadmau5 track by track and even skip the songs you don’t like. Each video is broken down by song, allowing for easy navigation throughout Deadmau5’s performance.

Skip the tracks you don’t like, put the ones you do like on repeat, and relive Deadmau5’s Honda performance below:

Just in case you DO want to listen to the entire set non stop, we have included the performance below. Enjoy!

Photo Credit: Rukes