On Sunday night I was catching up on the final 2 parts of Thumps Jersey Club documentary, when I got to the third part I had to stop the video so I could find out the song playing in its intro. After reading the video’s description and checking the comments I found out the song was by TR!CK$ and called “Lov3”. Shortly after finishing up the documentary I got into touch with TR!CK$ over twitter and we spent the new few days chatting until we eventually worked out a premiere for “Lov3” which is the article you’re reading right now.

“Lov3” is a song that I’ve heard dozens of times on repeat over the past few days but it still manages to run shivers down my spine with its intro and vocal work provided by CHLO. It hits you in all the right places and creates an excellent room filling atmosphere that gets stuck in your head almost instantly. “Lov3” is one song from the upcoming All Mine LP Vol. 1 album that comes out later this month, I’ll have future coverage on that in the coming weeks but for now scroll down and take a listen to the wonder that is  TR!CK$.