Oliver has quickly become one of my favorite artists thanks to some very amazing originals and remixes from the duo. Their sweet and sultry, groovy and funky rhythms are infectious at worst but downright unstoppable when they hit their stride.

They’ve released a remix of Madeon’s latest single “You’re On,” along with Gramatik and Alex Metric. All three remixes are noticeably funky and heavy on the groove factor, so why is Oliver’s remix so special? I feel like it takes all the best qualities of the other two and melds it into one cohesive and banging tune. Gramatik’s rendition is super heavy on the bass guitar whereas Alex Metric went for the more classic house approach, but Oliver is funk all the way through. That nu-disco flair with the saxophone toward the end, the flow of the track, it all feels so organic. Of course, that’s just my opinion and others will love the Gramatik or Alex Metric remixes much more.

You can score a copy of the whole remix EP HERE.

You can also pre-order Madeon’s debut album Adventure on iTunes now and pick up the five singles that have already been released while you’re at it.