Music makers, rejoice! Splice, an online collaboration site just changed the face of soft synths. More to the point, the availability of them; they just released the largest and most organized collection of free plug-ins and soft synths we’ve ever seen.

Seriously, they put a ton of work into curating this project: no dead links, no random, near-useless projects to sift through, and there are tons of bright, clear screen shots for each program so you can get an idea of what each interface will look like. On top of that, the site itself has collected a vast wealth of data on what users are gravitating towards and what they think of the interfaces they no have access to. The people at Splice can use this information to assess what programs you’ll actually use. While some of the links send you off to the parent site, most only require a Splice log-in for instant downloads. So, what are you waiting for? Check out the full collection of plug-ins HERE.