Early on in my quest to find good trap, I came upon Apashe. His raw style absolutely captivated me and brought me back time and again, leading me to listen nearly exclusively to his tracks and remixes for about a week. Anyone in the blogging game will tell you that’s a helluva long time to listen exclusively to one artist, but hey, he’s worth it.

Now, he’s back again and this time he’s collaborating with French duo Tha Trickaz for “iDynamite.” Both artists’ unique styles can be heard in this one-of-a-kind track, blending French influences with Canadian bass, and the outcome is nothing short of banging. Though, you know that second drop is all Apashe; that’s his thing – his second drops are always better than the first. Such is the case with this track: while the first segment is indeed inventive and fun, the second goes balls out and straight wrecks you. The warped pitch and addition of that new lead synth, that crunchy and intense synth, is absolutely out of this world.

Grab your free download and listen to the track below.