London-based artist T.Williams has just announced the launch of his new label Today, Tomorrow. With over 10 years of experience as a DJ, producer, remixer and radio host, T. has established himself as a genre-bending artist who takes influences from house, grime, garage and jungle.

Today, Tomorrow represents innovation where boundaries are challenged and expanded. In line with T.’s eclectic musical style, his label will also feature an intersection between the urban and electronic music scenes. The label will kick off a special performance in Manchester on February 12, and will feature artists such as Maribou State, Trancemicsoul and Tayo. You can get your tickets here.

Upcoming releases on Today, Tomorrow include a vinyl-only release by grime artist Jon E Cash, T.’s own EP Acoustic Treatment and music from emerging artists Zerbaman and Jynx. In the meantime, check out T.’s new track “Days End,” released fresh off his new label.