With the mighty return of the Gorillaz, we cannot help but stay excited by tearing through all their old albums. Doing the Flashback Friday piece on the Gorillaz is very hard, however. What album do you pick? Demon Days or Plastic Beach?

At the end of the day, it was Plastic Beach that got the slot. The sheer diversity and boldness of the album makes it easily one of the best Gorillaz albums to date. Featuring hits such as “On Melancholy Hill,” “Superfast Jellyfish” and “Empire Ants,” Plastic Beach was an out of the box creation that shook the world of music in 2010. The creativity and variety of each track makes this album one you can sit down and listen to in it’s entirety.

We eagerly await the new music that the Gorillaz are working on, but in the mean time, indulge yourself with some Plastic Beach:

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