From my experience, there are always going to be artists on the lineup for major music festivals that I have never heard of. For this year’s Coachella lineup, on day one alone, there are at least four names unfamiliar to me – and I’m sure the same goes for the majority of the attendees. Jimmy Kimmel took advantage of this fact on his segment “Lie Witness News”, where he wandered around large events such as Coachella 2013 and SXSW 2014 asking people if they were excited for completely made up (and ridiculous) names. The results were pure gold.

This year, two inspired YouTubers decided to do their own version of this prank at the Laneway Festival in Singapore. Their video, titled “Project Lameway 2015”, once again proves that festival goers never like to admit that they don’t know who you’re talking about – and that it’s still hilarious. Towards the end, they even get the clueless fans to give shoutouts to the fabricated artists. Watch below.

lie witness news - singapore edition

H/T: inthemix