Let’s just get this out of the way right now – I’m a super cynic.

Cynic (n.) – a person who believes that only selfishness motivates human actions and who disbelieves in or minimizes selfless acts or disinterested points of view.

Synonym: asshole.

I’ve come to terms with it long ago, it’s okay.

Insomniac has reported that a new service calling itself SingleRavers has surfaced, with the goal to unite ravers from across the country and beyond. The group, Joseph Ioia, 33, his girlfriend Kelly McCall, 22, and her sister Julie McCall, 26, which met on Instagram, has created a platform for single ravers to find each other and make lasting connections.

stefon awwww

Users set up a profile on SingleRavers.com and they are posted to Instagram in “the order they are received.” After that, users are free to DM or contact each other however they choose. It’s a neat little service, and one that oddly enough hasn’t been established prior to this. And better yet, it has seen some success.

In the first month and a half, we already created four relationships. The first one happened at Freaknight in Seattle. Two people contacted each other, met up, and spent all night together. They continued to talk after that, and even thought the guy doesn’t live close by, the couple is making it work. Another story happened with a guy from Philly: The girl direct messaged him, and he flew from Philly to Texas to see her. My friend Bianca and a guy who was one of our first features ended up meeting at a Halloween event, and they’re best friends now. We’re constantly finding out about people meeting up after talking through Instagram.

All in all, it seems like a great service. It’s free, it works, and it’s easy to use. Right now, the service is being funded independently by its creators, but they’ve already been approached by at least two unnamed sources willing to invest. Joseph says, “I don’t know if I want to bring anyone in just to get more capital, because I’m not sure I need it. But it definitely reinforces the idea that this can be successful.”

Having helped run a Facebook group of over 35,000 “ravers,” I’m well aware of the desire for a “rave bae.” I see memes about it every single day. So part of my cynicism comes from overstimulation, which I’m sure you could understand. Still though, I’m able to recognize the fact that it’s a service people want and will use. So kudos.

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