God forbid I prove that I actually listen to every song with an objective mind, this is actually my first post praising Calvin Harris. It might seem odd for me to point that out, but I assure you that context is everything. I’m a huge, huge fan of I Created Disco but I have felt that his subsequent works have lacked a little personality. I’m pleased to say that there were at least a few songs from Motion that interested me, and one of them was “Pray to God.”

A collaboration with Los Angeles-based band HAIM, made up of three sisters, “Pray to God” plays perfectly to the girls’ vocals and so does the video. Placed in various settings in nature, the girls are met with similarly various animals, which supposedly form some kind of deeper meaning, or maybe not. (EDM music videos aren’t known to be the most coherent productions around.) It’s still the quality of the track itself that keeps me coming back for more, anyhow.

Take a look at the video below!


Image Source: Rukes