Traveling the world is a dream for everyone, especially the inner kid in all of us. With the stresses of society and work, we all need a break to get away and rewind. Now, instead of your typical vacation plan, you can go relax on a beach and spend a week learning Ableton and how to surf.

Yes, you heard me correctly. HelloLIVE has created an all inclusive vacation plan that fly’s you to the island of Fuerteventura, Spain for a week of fundamental training in Ableton, surfing, beach relaxing and more. Costing around $1360, the trip was created by a group of certified Ableton trainers who live in cold and dreary countries and wanted an escape to work on their music. Consider it a vacation to jump start your creativity while also refining your skills as a producer.

You can check out the Vacation preview below and can sign up at their website here

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