Friday afternoon rolls out and you know that this is no ordinary weekend. You clock out of work or dip early from class to set your GPS to this year’s big music festival. This is the one day in the whole calendar that you can dress how you want while listening to your favorite bands, musicians, and DJs. This year, you plan on dressing down wearing least amount as possible without causing a public disturbance. But a problem arises; how does one wear next to nothing and still have a place designated for the on-person storage of all valuables. To answer this question, a clothing line based in Amsterdam might be able to help.

With the intent on keeping the most items on you with the least amount of apparel necessary, Eric and Henk-Jan of Happy Smugglers offer a very specialized type of undergarments perfect for festival goers anywhere. With a special pocket in the front of the underwear and a smiley face on the back, this is something to possibly invest for future festivals. It happens to fit plenty of items including wallets, phones, cigarettes, condoms, flasks, lip balm, and anything else you can think of (as long as it’s legal). Take a look at this video from their Kickstarter and think about supporting them now. I’m sure this will be the next big thing for music festivals across the world.

Kickstarter Campaign: Happy Smugglers

Source: Thump.Vice