From the first few chords, I knew how this song was going to play out. I was even more sure when the vocals came in. It’s a formula, a sound, that is so disturbingly present in UK DnB, especially the poppier stuff (think Sigma’s “Nobody To Love”). Still, the fact remains that this stuff is delicious and people love to eat it up, myself included. The warm and resonant chords are infectious and leave me with a pleasant feeling that I would like nothing more than to keep indulging.

The newest track from Dr. Meaker is forthcoming on Circus Records, titled “Freaks” featuring Cappo D and Sharlene Hector. It’s a bombastic drum n bass tune, straight outta Bristol, and you’d be nuts not to cop this one or rinse it in your sets. Because if there’s one thing this tune can do, it’s get the dancefloor moving.

Check it out below, and pre-order on iTunes. It’s out April 12th.