(Original Photo By: Krijn Van Noordwijk)

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Think back to a time in your life where you felt alone. You might even be experiencing this feeling right now. What was that time like for you? Why did you feel this way? Maybe you had just experienced the death of a loved one or your boyfriend/girlfriend broke up with you. Maybe you just felt like an outcast because you didn’t fit in and no one understood you. During this time, you probably didn’t realize that there were other people in this world who experienced a similar feeling. You felt like the only one. But the truth is, we all experience this feeling of loneliness at some point in our lives, even the people whom we look up to the most. The same holds true for Lucas Cornelis van Scheppingen, better known as Laidback Luke.

Throughout his teenage years, Luke felt very insecure while going through puberty (don’t we all). He was a victim of bullying and couldn’t find a way to fit in. While Luke was not interested in smoking, drinking, or doing drugs, it seemed like everyone else around him was involved in these activities. He said, “That really took a toll on me and at a certain point I found myself being on my own, without friends, for a summer.” Even though it was a difficult time for Luke, it was also a great learning experience. He was able to really find his identity. To overcome boredom and these feelings of loneliness, he would plan out his day and would work out a lot. This is also when he really dove into producing music; it was his escape. Eventually he was able to find the confidence he needed to live a fulfilling life.

In the start of the 21st century, Luke had felt like he had “made it”. In 2003, he had a big crossover hit in the Netherlands, which hit a top spot in the national charts. After this release he decided to relax and lay low for a bit, spend time with friends and family. Fast forward to the end of 2004, and Luke noticed that people became uninterested in his tracks and didn’t want to book him anymore. His “underground” fans left him when he experienced commercial success. Additionally, those who became fans when he hit “overground” started to move on. He hit rock bottom. When we hit rock bottom though, the only way to go is up. And so he did. He realized that work is never over and that it can slip by you in the blink of an eye. His manager said something that inspired him: “You don’t have to be Vincent van Gogh and cut your ear off from frustration, and get appreciated when you’re dead.” This made Luke realize that it was time to stop worrying about what style of music would resonate with his fans, and just make music that he loves instead. He said, “There’s an audience waiting for you, give them what they want but still keep that little bit of edge in there.” And Luke’s career took an astronomical turn for the better from there.

Not only is Luke a touring musician, but he also runs his own label (Mixmash Records), does Kung Fu competitively, and has a family (a wife, two sons, and a daughter). You might wonder how Luke finds a balance between all of the roles in his life. Since his wife, Gina Turner, is also a touring musician she understands the importance of Luke balancing each of these roles and has supported everything Luke has done up to this point. As some of you may recall, Luke had to cancel his set at Ultra Miami last year to greet his and Gina’s newborn, EvaLina. To celebrate her first birthday, the entire family will be flying down for Miami Music Week and Ultra. The week will definitely be a busy one, but it will be exciting and fun at the same time.

Despite the fact that Luke experienced loneliness throughout his teenage years, he has befriended a lot of other artists and professionals within the electronic music scene. It wasn’t easy though, as he encountered a lot of arrogant DJs and producers on the way. This struggle has inspired him. He has had a lot of great mentors and can only hope to do the same for others as well. He said, “As a person, I’m very positive and patient. I care for people. I care for the world. I really do. And with that, I’ll always do anything to help someone that reaches out to me.” Since being a superhero was always his childhood dream, it is his goal to use his “superpower” of producing/DJing to help up-and-coming artists experience a successful career.

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