You may not have heard of Bionik, but we can guarantee you’ve heard his creations. The Minneapolis-based beat hustler  has engineered and produced albums for the likes of Far East MovementKool KeithSlug (of Atmosphere), Baby Bash, and many more; yeah, dude’s a straight up undercover legend. And now, he’s turning his attention to the realm of hyphy, bass-driven dance music.

His goal was to create an album with both next level production and massive crowd appeal and Bionik did just that. Sonik Boom is eleven tracks of pure dance floor bliss, with stylistic elements from across the musical spectrum. The full album will be available on March 10th, courtesy of Party Time Society, but we’ve got an extra special preview for you to fill your ears with today: an extended edit of the single track, ‘Helikopter’, crafted exclusively for YourEDM!

Featuring vocals from Griffen, the tune is a perfect blend of dancehall & futuristic trap music. The build-ups and drops reign supreme with Bionik and he pulled no punches here; even Major Lazer would be proud of this one. Check it out after the jump and keep your eyes peeled for the full release of Sonik Boom!


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Also, as an added bonus, you can peep the original mix of ‘Helikopter’ in this extra trippy music video!