Everyone wants everything for free these days. Apps are free. Programs are free. Music is free. Or at least, some of it is.

There are already many platforms and imprints that are dedicated to “free.” Nest HQ and PLM come to mind. But now, Dim Mak is getting in on the game.

Their New Noise imprint has been active over the last five years, releasing annual compilations filled with only the best of the label’s yearly output. Today, New Noise is migrating to a bi-weekly, free-download model based on singles as opposed to compilations.

To kick everything off is LA-based Ghastly with his new tune “Every Night.”

Weaving together thumping bass-kicks and high-pitched vocal samples with his own spin on the signature low-end bounce breakdowns that have quickly infiltrated America’s future bass scene, Ghastly’s “Every Night” exemplifies New Noise’s mission of bringing innovative sounds to music’s forefront.

Get your free download here.

For more info, head over to UKF.