Moombahton has been out of the public eye recently, but Wiwek is doing everything in his power to resurrect it. This four-track EP, laden with massive drops, beautifully utilizes the reggaeton and house infused beats, for which moombah is so famous, to provide a true “jungle” ambience. Featuring collaborations with Mightyfools and The Kemist, he showcases his incredible production talents – which have caught the attention of Skrillex – to create a bass-pounding masterpiece.

My personal favorite, “Bollydome,” even throws in a Bollywood-esque synth to add to the diversity. With classic moombah snares and reggae vocals, you prepare yourself for the heavy breakdown for which Wiwek is so famous. When that flutey, Bollywood sound rages in, get ready to fall off your seat. Hailing from The Netherlands, Wiwek truly has mastered the art of production, and it couldn’t be more clear with this moombah masterpiece.