Electro house continues to thrive in new and exciting ways in today’s competitive world of electronic dance music. If you dig long enough and hard enough exploring various blogs, SoundCloud, and Beatport, all sorts of unheard music can be found waiting to be downloaded into music libraries and played through sound systems everywhere. To help you in your search of new tunes, take a look at a new group known as Diamond Trees and their latest creation.

With support from Audiophile Live, a brand new trio consisting of Caesar Valdivia (Caesar), Jordan DeanĀ (Oskillate), and Jessie Christian (Bluejay) combine their efforts for the first time and create an eight-minute electro explosion called “Leagues”. In the fashion that emanates the sounds of the electro house scene in 2011 through 2012, Diamond Trees have crafted a marvelous energetic symphonica combined with a catchy melodic nature. The song “Leagues” is more than a banger and just short of an anthem taking the power of three amateur minds and pushing themselves to professional heights. With two different, raw drops and a synth-heavy overhaul, “Leagues” could easily become a tune that goes from being a free download today and picked up by Beatport or iTunes tomorrow. Grab the free download and wait to see what other marvels Diamond Trees has to offer us in the near future.