Everyone please stop what you’re doing right now because Redial just ended the game. The hottest thing out of Australia since Kangaroo Jack and Steve Irwin (RIP), Redial just dropped his latest EP titled ‘Reflections’ and it’s absolutely jam packed with some of the most creative musical artistry this side of EDM. Each of the three songs on this EP have very distinctively different sounds, but they all come together to form one cohesive unit of purely beautiful composition. Well done Redial, well done.


I recently sat down with the man himself to let him tell the world a little more about his life in music:

How and why did you get your start? Any interesting anecdotes there? Is there anyone you owe “big time?” Why?

I guess my start was when I signed my first EP to Sweat it Out, it gained a lot of traction in Europe which got me over there a few times for tours which started it all. My music was quite forward and loud back then and it was different to the direction they were taking on. So I guess I owe them a lot.

Tell me about your most memorable night out. Either as an artist or as a music fan. Both? I think my most memorable night out would have been the night that started it all.

I went and saw Danger play. I couldn’t get over the atmosphere and melody his music had. It made me really want to knuckle down and do something special.

What value do you place on environment as a creative springboard? Some people have very specific requirements. From weather and geography to office or studio setup.

Funnily enough my last EP was written mostly on a boat. It was good to do something different for the different direction I was taking on this EP. I also require beer.

Talk about some of your “classic” memories of touring? What cities stand out to you? Stories?

I was in Lyon in France at the club I was playing the night before having drinks with the owner and promoter. The club was extremely busy so to get to this private booth we had to walk along the top of the bar. As I jumped off the bar I jumped into a metal beam and split my head open pretty bad. Ended up in a military hospital at like 4am getting stitched up by a soldier that was just happy laughing at me.

Do you discuss or exchange ideas with other producers?

Of Course. Having a different set of ears is such a must. There are things other producers pick up on that I would have never thought of.


What is your biggest source for new music? Soundcloud? Blogs? Friends? Where do you go when you want to find a fresh new track?

Soundcloud for sure. You can just start off on an artist then see what artists they like and so on and so on. I find it’s a really good platform for discovering a lot of unknown talented producers as well.