Personally, I have been listening to Trance music for about 5 years now, and since I began, I’ve had to say goodbye to many talented producers who made the tough decision to move on from Trance into either other genres or from Electronic music altogether. Good men, such as Marcel Woods, John Newall and Kelly Andrew, have all created outstanding music during their years in service, and while many will miss their continued contribution into Trance, we remember the legacy that they left behind. However, there have been some artists who have left the scene for a brief period of time, only to make a return back on the map sometime later, and their extended leave from Trance gives them new insight into not only how their style should sound, but also into how they should proceed with their own musical careers. This short period of new insight is where some of their greatest music can culminate from, and tracks created during this initial period have enough leverage and power to completely shake up the music scene. Trance artist Jamie Walker is currently enveloped in this very unique position, and his gracious return has been not only unexpected, but also unprecedented as well. Walker is known for some stellar 140 work over the years and has been featured on premier labels such as Monster Tunes, KEARNAGE Recordings and Subculture, but after his last free track giveaway of his single, Horizon, he vanished; conflicted on whether or not he should return or to leave altogether.

I was actually one of the people who tried to convince him to stay during this time of uncertainty, and after a few months, he decided to launch himself back on the battlefield with a brand new sound and a brand new edge to his already monstrous Tech Trance productions. As a budding label, Mark Sherry‘s Outburst Records is actively looking for newer and older talents, and what better way to change up someone’s already mutating sound than to feature it on this label, whose blistering Tech Trance sound has already established itself into the international Trance community. The result of a brand new perspective mixed with the exclusive sound of Outburst has culminated on the ferociously Techno flavored single of Rojo, which is definitely considered to be one of the hottest Trance tracks of this year due to its unrelenting power and vicious, rhythmic bite. In our ears, this single gained influences from Alex Di Stefano‘s newer Trance direction as of late, but it also contains an unusual underlaying that makes this track much more complex than it initially appears. Yes, the track itself is definitely top of the line when considering the technical quality of its brutal progressions, but it also seems to have a sense of the old school Techno flavor that was massively popular during the early days of Drumcode, Intec and BXR; (and with artists such as Dave Clarke). This grungy, dirty sound has a certain essence to it that doesn’t exist anywhere else in the world, and the fact that he was able to bring that special element into modern day specifications is nothing short of incredible.

Jamie Walker‘s massive comeback single of Rojo is out now on Outburst Records via Beatport, so make sure you purchase a copy and support real talent! Make sure to also check out the ripping B-Side single entitled Dorado!


Keep the music alive. -Q