For the better part of 2015, the groundbreaking, personal label of Daniel Kandi‘s Always Alive Recordings has quickly become one of my top favorite Trance imprints for delving away from the safe route of conformity and keeping its integrity as a premier source for quality dance music. As a multilateral label that focuses on Progressive Trance, Uplifting Trance and Proglifting, its main goal is to discover new talent and to revisit old friends as they continue their pursuit on creating incredibly euphoric melodies and passively heartfelt harmonies. This year alone, Your EDM has supported two releases on Always Alive Recordings: the brilliantly executed Swinger by upcoming Prog Trance producer, Nick Karsten, and the beautifully crafted Transylvania Cowgirl by Uplifting hero, Suncatcher. Now, we look towards a potential hat trick as we take a look at their latest release, which features a surprising return from Proglifting artist, Araya. While Araya may not be a household name for many Trance artists, his talents is not one to be missed, and his unique ability to craft gorgeously expressive melodies certainly makes him one of my all time favorite Trance artists, (which is not to be said lightly). While still partially in the realm of obscurity, this artist is definitely not a newcomer to the scene, as his works have been featured on top Trance labels, including Blue Soho, Unearthed, Infrasonic, Alter Ego and more. After the glimmering success of his debut on Always Alive Recordings with his single of Perception, (alongside his collaboration with Mark Dreamer on Raccoon), Araya is set to make his return to the quality label with a new single entitled Relativity, which is possibly named as an official follow up to his debut single of Relativity.

A main reason why I love this label so much is because it brings to the table a fantastic appreciation from the long obscured Proglifting style that used to dominate the early years of Anjunabeats, and the inclusion of Araya on Always Alive only seeks to strengthen that tightened resolve and dedication. Daniel Kandi has always embraced the love and compassion that comes forth with his unique sound, and his label is a hub in which lovers of Proglifting can graciously showcase their masterpieces to the world. Relativity definitely reminds me of the earlier days of Always Alive when things were much simpler and more fans embraced this magical style of Trance music. Even though times may change and tastes may evolve, there are still those who crave for this type of emotional output within Trance and if that resolve is kept alive through the hard work of dedicated producers such as Araya, then the true connectivity between music and emotions can be remained in tact as a valuable resource in truly expressing the complex puzzle that is the human soul. Throughout the years, people keep on telling me that “Trance is dead“, but actually never take the time to actively search for those artists and tracks that can rekindle their faith in their once beloved genre. This piece here inspires hope within myself; hope that no matter how many punches the genre may take, there are still those who will do anything in order to keep the music alive within Electronic Dance Music. And that alone is worth all the searching and work in order to find that one track that moves your mind and your soul to tears.

Araya‘s single of Relativity is out now on Always Alive Recordings via Beatport, so make sure you purchase a copy and support real talent!


Keep the music alive. -Q




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