Hailing from the sunken shores of Ireland is none other than power duo McAree & Clancy, whose brilliantly fresh and forward driven Uplifting style has become a valuable asset in the search for true Trance talent. It”s no secret that Trance has been twisted, pulled and warped into many different subgenres within the last ten years, but this lengthening phenomena has culminated in the creation of the so called ‘Pure Trance‘ movement, whose overarching goal is to bring back the classic melodies of old in order to revitalize the golden age of Trance. Proponents of this movement include its pioneer, Solarstone, as well as class artists such as Orkidea, Ultimate, Moonsouls, Giuseppe Ottaviani and Bryan Kearney, (to name a few). However, the beautifully crisp and fulfilling sound of McAree & Clancy definitely fits into this category, and even though they might not be as influential as some of the leading artists in Trance, their unique  sound is definitely one that cannot be ignored. During their tenure in the Trance scene, they have remixed tracks by Paul Webster and Simon Patterson on Disappear and Different Feeling, (respectively), and have released fantastic singles on high end labels such as Tytanium and Future Focus 140. After the massive success of their recent collaboration with Paul Webster on Happy Ending, (which was supported by RAM, The Noble Six, Mark Sherry and more), their debut release on Monster Force entitled Fire Within created a solidification of trust between the duo and the label for possible future releases. While Fire Within was crafted specifically for the rougher side of the label, their next single focuses more on the ‘Pure Trance‘ movement on Monster Pure with a beautifully crafted tune simply entitled Morrigan.

While Solarstone focuses more on the classic, emotional sound of years past, McAree & Clancy are concentrated on establishing a uniquely futuristic sound that emphasizes on the sharpest technical edge within each instrument to create a razor bladed musical character that translates well into the ear. However, this crisp and clear clarity does not sacrifice their ‘Pure’ intention with their complex sound arrangements, and these two have struck a fascinating balance between intricately processed timbres and a human touch to bind the minds of man and machine together within the hopeful virtues of Trance music. Morrigan begins with stealthy basslines instantly establishing a delicate, yet courageous vibe that mixes with feelings of hope, determination and euphoria. The arrangement is perfectly executed and organized in order to accurately hear every instrument as separate, (as well as whole), and the natural progression through blippy arrangements, slipping acid cracks and other notable synth parts craft an interesting narrative that unfolds like the unpredictable, continuous phenomena of the human thought . During the breakdown, graceful piano and Aly & Fila inspired vocals craft a soothing and placid harmonic structure that one can easily lose their thoughts amidst the falling snowflakes of aural tranquility. With the energy rampantly increasing to a furled high, it naturally progresses into a gorgeously floating melody that is neither too hard, nor to energetic; but rather, it connects with the inner peace of one’s soul with a touch of sensitivity and emotional fortitude.

McAree & Clancy‘s stunning single, Morrigan, is out now on Monster Pure via Beatport, so make sure you purchase a copy and support real music!


Keep the music alive. -Q




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