A new Daft Punk video has emerged and it’s a beautiful throwback to 2003’s Interstella 5555. Nailing the celestial aesthetic in this fan-made production is Matthew Shezmen and Israel James, respectively only 17 and 15 years old.

Originally the brainchild of Matthew Shezmen, Israel James caught wind of the project over an internet forum and offered to collaborate with his 3D skills. The two spent the better part of a year piecing together their five minute visual accompaniment to ‘Give Life Back to Music.’ What started as a humble collaboration has quickly blown up to receive the world’s attention, even catching the eye of electronic pioneer Georgio Moroder. Take a look at the vibey goodness below.

Moroder has been using chunks of the duo’s visuals during his live performances around the globe and the duo couldn’t be more hyped on the support and exposure. Shez and Israel hope to collaborate in the future after such a warm reception for their creation.

Be sure to check out more of Shezmen’s 2D animation and Israel’s 3D work.

Photo by Bitter Strike! Cartoons