We decided to grab a few words with Swedish house act Lunde Bros, who are about to head out to Miami. They have just mixed and featured on Big & Dirty‘s ‘Miami 2015’ compilation, and dropped a brand new track with Plastik Funk – ‘MPC.’ Check out what they had to say about their recent work below.

Hey! You feature four times on the Big & Dirty Miami compilation. How would you sum up the Miami vibe?

From our point of view the Miami vibe is all about rhythm, sexy and fun elements in the tracks, and of course the feeling of the sun and the beach!

‘MPC’ is an excellent exclusive release with Plastik Funk. Is there a story behind its creation? How did you go about writing the track?

Thank you! Well as we said before, the whole thing was very spontaneous and as soon as we got the question about doing this compilation, we felt that we had to have ‘MPC’ on it!

When mixing the compilation, did you tackle it as you would play a live set?

Yeah absolutely. We always want to create a vibe where you feel that you have time to get comfy and warm in your clothes, so you can get totally wild in the end! Haha.

Have you had the chance to play out any of your tracks from ‘Miami 2015’ in the clubs? What has the reaction been like so far?

We always try to play our tracks as soon as they are done in the studio. The response has been great, we think we really have succeeded with this one.

Are there any artists on the compilation you would particularly like to collaborate with?

Rould & Doors and Jewelz & Scott Spark, we really like what they are doing and they both got unique sounds.


You can pick up the Big & Dirty ‘Miami 2015’ compilation here.