Trivecta is on point. But, maybe you didn’t realize just how on point… It’s tracks like these that deserve a category of their own, laden with emotion and dripping with meaning. ‘Ease My Soul’ is a kick to the heartstrings, and I can’t help being reminded of the rich sound scapes that earned Seven Lions such a massive following with tracks like ‘Nepenthe’.

Charlotte Haining’s voice climbs beautifully over the track’s swelling progressions, creating some serious dramatic tension before erupting into an introspective breakdown. As the artwork would have you believe, it feels a bit like the melodies were plucked straight from the clouds of a midsummer’s eve. Overall, the pacing of this track effortlessly leads the listener on a captivating journey through the otherworldly landscape.

And there’s one meandering synth-line in particular that’s absolutely beyond description; treat your ears and you’ll know just what I’m talking about.

This track marks Trivecta’s first release of the year, and he’s got some intense surprises lined up, so be sure to give him a follow and stay up on the latest.

He’s done a solid and made ‘Ease My Soul’ available for free.