JAHKOY, a young, Toronto-based singer and songwriter has resurfaced with a standout track in a genre that he classifies as “Bipolar Sound.” The track goes by the name “Let It Be,” and it proves that he has the potential to go places. “Let It Be” is something you’ll want to pump out of the car stereo, enjoy at work, and groove to at any given beach or pool party. It features retro synth chords which swell as the track progresses into a warm bassline. The deep sounds flow in the background as sparkling chimes dot the foreground for added detail.

What stands out most, however, are the sultry vocals which simply command your attention in this nearly four minute long tune.

JAHKOY has an incredible voice and he isn’t afraid to display put it on display.

Check out the genre-bending single below, and heart it on hypem here.