One of Australia’s dopest DJs is finally coming to a city near you. Alison Wonderland is currently enjoying a wave a great success back home from her debut album Run, which finally hit the US this week. But there’s little time to celebrate the album; for the next two weekends, Alison will be running the trap all over Coachella. It’s the biggest shows on her first North American tour, which runs through May. Your EDM stole a few minutes out of her busy schedule last week for an interview which you can read in full below:

Have you begun to plan your Coachella set?

Yes I have. I’ve been on the decks the past few days playing around to see what’s working with what. You know,  just trying to decide what songs I want to play off the record and it’s most of them, so that’s good (laughs).

What are your expectations going into this North American tour?

I actually don’t have any. I didn’t want to go into this with any expectations. I think every time I do that, it doesn’t end up how I thought it would be. I just want to go in with an open mind and see how people react to the music I’m playing over here. I’ve never really done a tour properly outside of Australia and New Zealand.

Have you at least heard what other DJs have said about playing in the US?

You know what? I’ve made the effort not to ask people what’s going to happen. I’m just going to be myself and hope it works.

What city are you looking forward to playing the most?

I’m excited for LA only because I’ve spent so much time here and it’s my own show, so it’s going to be interesting to see what it’s going to be like. That and Webster Hall in New York.

So tell us more about The Warehouse Project back home. What can your fans expect from Round 2?

I’ve been playing clubs for a while already and my following in Australia is really strong and very supportive. One night I was at an after party and I was talking to my booking agent and we said why don’t we start throwing warehouse parties and give everyone an experience. Essentially, a night making it about music in a completely different environment where the crowd is more of a community and can bond over the same experience. I guess I just wanted to give something back and put on a really good night for everyone. And so on the day people get a text from me saying meet at this spot and there are busses that take everyone to the warehouse locations. This year is gonna be a lot bigger. I don’t want to reveal too much but the vibes are gonna be good. The amount of emails I get from people after each event is overwhelmingly cool.

What was your biggest fear while making the album?

I didn’t really want to overthink anything when I wrote it. But after the album I realize people are going to listen to these lyrics and definitely the people I wrote these lyrics about are going to listen to these lyrics so that’s always been a bit of a fear for me.

Has anyone contacted you since the album was released?

It’s not too bad. It was just more about putting it out into the universe, it’s your baby, you know? That was probably more of a fear than my diary. I’ve come to learn that people don’t listen to the lyrics as much as I think they do.

What was more difficult – singing or producing?

They come hand in hand and I think it was great working with other artists on this album. I really don’t think one is more difficult than the other. In terms of singing it’s never been about me being a singer, it’s more about expressing myself and writing songs. Honestly I think the most difficult part was knowing when a song was done.

Do you have any tricks or tests to see when a track is done?

Yes! yes I do actually! Basically after the final mix of the song I will watch a YouTube visual that’s completely unrelated but slightly emotive during the song, and if anything sonically stands out whilst I’m watching something else then I know I need to change it. But if I’m distracted by a visual I won’t hyper-focus on anything and that’s when I know its done, if that makes any sense. When you listen to a song repeatedly you get paranoid that every volume and every piece is perfect, but the visual draws your attention away temporarily..

Do you have a favorite track of the album? I know that’s a tough question to ask.

Oh, no, it depends on the mood. That’s why it’s so hard deciding what to play for Coachella because I love every song. I don’t really have a favorite because for me there’s all different vibes.

Do you have any more music video plans? ‘U Don’t Know’ had such an odd concept.

I do! for my next single I’m working on an idea right now.

What are some tracks right now that you can’t live without?

Let’s see..I like Brodinski’s ‘Us’ ft. Bloody Jay and ‘Something About You,’ by Hayden James.

You play a lot of different venues like strip clubs and warehouses, but where’s the weirdest place you want to throw a party?

To be honest, I did it; It was the strip club. That was the weirdest place I wanted to throw a party. That or an abandoned swimming pool with no water.