When I first heard about Warden in January, there was very little info about him. I was bugging his management and publicist to give a little more so that I knew what I was working with, but in the end it didn’t really matter: the music spoke for him. While the trope of anonymous producers has just nearly run its course, Warden managed to swoop in just in time. I can tell you two things: 1) he’s a graduate of Icon Collective, the school that has birthed MAKJ, Kayzo, JAUZ, NGHTMRE, and more; and 2) he’s a perfect fit for Buygore.

I was originally going to premiere a track of his that shall remain nameless, as it still might see a release down the road, but Buygore wanted “Visions of Night” out first, and I can see why. That first track was absolutely amazing, let me tell you, but this one is just a bit more friendly to first-time listeners. Even still, that isn’t saying much.

The brand of orchestral dubstep here may be familiar to those of you who follow Arkasia or Skorge (his older stuff), but the drop and synths are all new and exciting. I have a deep appreciation for strings in a dubstep track, so this one already gets points from me. Furthermore, it’s just plain filthy – there’s no way around that.

While I like this one a lot, I’m still eagerly awaiting that first tune that I was sent. Hopefully I’ll still have the chance to premiere it in the future for all our interested readers.