Whether it’s a new type of media file or groundbreaking controllers, Native Instruments has consistently pushed the envelope when it comes to DJ tech. In their newest promotion, DJ Shiftee is left to play with the Traktor Kontrol S8, resulting in an impressive display of the controller’s functionality.

For this exhibition, DJ Shiftee links two turntables to the S8, taking full advantage of its capabilities as both a stand-alone mixer and controller.

Though not as popular as the ubiquitous CDJ, controllers are still the preferred tool of a few artists like Zedd and Richie Hawtin. Many are touting the new Traktor Kontrol S8 as the future of DJing, and with so much potential packed into one piece of kit… It very well may be.

We had our own chance to try out the S8 a few months ago. Read our review here.


Source: Dancing Astronaut