I’ve written up quite a few giveaways in my day, but rarely do they make me go, “Oh my god, this could make a person’s career.”

We’re teaming up with Splice to give you the chance to collaborate with Bro Safari on a new track and open up for his stage at Mysterlandand way more.

Bro Safari is giving fans and producers the chance to put their own spin on this WIP, and the best one wins, that simple.

Bro Safari has a message before you get started: “Hey there! So, this is a very rough concept. But hey, that’s the point of this. Let’s see if we can shape this thing into a song worth playing. I did some basic work to get some ideas rolling. As always, things improve with work and time, so let’s dig in. FEEL FREE TO ALTER / CHANGE / DELETE AND ADD!”

The contest starts today and ends May 14th.

Get the project file here!

Oh. And did we mention, you get to fly via helicopter to Mysterland with 5 friends? Yeah.