Berlin’s own House heavyweight Claptone will be bringing his new concept Masquerade party to London’s long time reigning king of clubs, Ministry of Sound tomorrow.

Claptone’s latest endeavor is truly a blast from the past, reaching back to a tradition dating hundreds of years back. The Venetian Masquerade Ball, was a celebration that stripped the social and class identities of revelers, allowing them to bask in a celebration of music and dance regardless of their upbringing or wealth.

Well, tomorrow April 24th, London will have the opportunity to meld new with old. Let the house vibes of Claptone, fresh off his debut albums PIAS take you back to the primal vibes of yesteryear. Grab your masks because there will also be a prize of free champagne as well as a VIP table on the night for the best mask, plus free limited edition masks given out on the night. Peep Claptone’s vibes below and grab your tickets here.