Red Rocks, one of the most beautiful and beloved venues in Colorado, has recently announced plans for new construction and maintenance on their parking locations and nearby roads. While none of their projects have been set in stone, it seems that all visitors and concert attendees will benefit from the improvements being put into place by their professional team of designers and contractors.

The three main aspects of construction will deal with the venue’s gradients, parking surfaces, and drainage systems. They plan to lay concrete along the Upper North Lot, known for its muddy-when-wet texture and steep incline. With this addition, we can expect much greater ease of use when parking and a substantially reduced maintenance cost on the venue’s part. The Lower South 2 lot will also be worked on, hopefully leading to an improved flow of traffic and more available spaces. Finally, Red Rocks will be eliminating one of the road forks in the Trading Post Rd/W. Alameda intersection, again in the name of a quicker and more efficient traffic system.

Contrary to the above video featured on 9News, the payment for these modifications will not be taken from the pockets of Denver taxpayers. Rather, these improvements will almost universally be paid for with the earned revenue of the Red Rocks venue, with help from loans in the form of bond money.

After speaking with Tad Bowman, the Venue Director of the amphitheater, it’s clear that these construction plans are solely aimed at creating an easier and more efficient experience for their attendees. In the past, Red Rocks has remained very sensitive to the concerns of its patrons. They’ve promised to continue this mentality as they move forward into new projects, and to make sure to enhance the atmosphere that’s given their venue the sparkling reputation it has at the direct benefit of their guests.

Photo: RelayRides

Source: 9News, CBSLocal