Today is the day, The Future EP by Klaypex is out. If you didn’t notice, their latest album Anything Goes was an enormous shift in sound for the trio. They’ve continued that shift even further with their newest EP – going further than to just try out every sound available as with Anything Goes, the Future is a direct message to fans that this is the future of their sound.

More than just pop, glitch, electro house or anything in between, this EP makes the best of it all. The lyrics are intelligent and infectious, drawing you in and making each track instantly memorable. The EP features two vocalists, Oscar del Amor’s voice on “Satellites” and GRETA on “Robot Love”, each becoming an integral part of their respective tracks. Further on, “New Kids” presents the glitchy nu-disco sound that is a mixture of clever sound design and plenty of heavy vox. “Home” takes us to the end with a noticeably more atmospheric and cinematic mix.

As a whole, The Future is a brilliant look into how Klaypex have grown as producers with a clear vision. Before, their sound was honestly rather lackluster, as much as it was exciting. It actually fills me with quite a sense of pride to see these gentlemen grow into a truly exceptional group.

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