Porter Robinson’s Worlds spawned an inordinate amount of remixes from producers either trying to emulate his style, or trying to upend it. Now, and this is just my opinion, AgNO3 might have just successfully released one of the greatest Porter Robinson Worlds remixes yet.

The track of choice is “Flicker.” It’s already one of more diverse tracks on the album, featuring a variety of instrumentals, effects and vocals. And just as Porter’s original mix was rather genre-less, so is AgNO3’s. From the perspective of someone who hasn’t studied music theory, the rhythm is quite difficult to grasp, yet still ultimately pleasing. It’s an utterly unique look at Porter’s method and an entirely unique recreation.

I honestly don’t think I have enough musical knowledge to appropriate describe this track, but that doesn’t worry me – it excites me. Something so foreign and unknown that still sounds this good can’t scare you. Check it out below.

This kind of spectacular remix is nothing new to AgNO3, who has previously also done a phenomenal remix of “When A Fire Starts To Burn” by Disclosure and “Some Chords” by deadmau5.

One other Porter Robinson remix that I believe deserves special mention is Kredo’s remix of “Sad Machine.”