It’s kind of weird how this hasn’t happened already. I mean, I understand the issues of licensing and ownership of likeness rights, but Daft Punk have been pretty iconic for the past decade, at least. Their helmets surely make for easier production than facial expressions, it would seem a no-brainer.

daft punk lego_thumbnail1

It seems like a fan calling him/herself Autorazr would agree with me. Via LEGO’s Ideas platform, users can submit templates for LEGO sets and other visitors can vote, support, and share them on social media. Autorazr’s submission is nearing two years old and has achieved the necessary support of at least 10,000 users.

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If the template is actually selected by LEGO, it could potentially go into full production and end up on store shelves. For a growing generation of children raised by parents who were raised on EDM, this could be the first step on the way to total electronic domination of multiple generations.

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H/T | Source: LEGO Ideas