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While there is a new generation of DJs who have come along and brought dance music into the modern era, we would be nothing without the dance music veterans who got us to where we are today. These old guards of producers who have gone through countless transformations have had careers longer than many of their fans have been alive. While some DJs have become jaded and frustrated with today’s scene, there are others who are still in awe with the genre, and who find new ways to enjoy themselves daily.

Maurizio Colella, aka EDX, has been a DJ for over 25 years. Though he began producing music in 1994, music wasn’t immediately his only passion; EDX dreamt of becoming a professional soccer player too. Eventually, producing won out, as house music swept through Europe in the 1990s. It wasn’t until 1997 that Colella began using the alias EDX, starting with the track “I’m Not Interested.”

For EDX, balance and consistency are the keys to maintaining a successful career. The Swiss DJ sticks to the same routine year-round: go on tour, return home, see his friends and family, work in the studio, then head back out on tour. This way, he can be efficient and organized. In terms of balance, he finds it hard to constantly weigh the opinions of others against his own dreams. While having the support of his fans is important, he never wants to sacrifice what makes him happy, a problem facing many people in the industry today. Staying true to the music, letting your productions speak over gimmicks and social media, has always been a cornerstone of EDX’s career.

Though that’s not to say he didn’t have his share of struggles over the past 25 years. In 2013 EDX decided to return to his roots production-wise, a move he said has been met with a lot of praise. With dance music constantly evolving, he felt the pressure of needing to adapt to fans that were more educated and had stricter tastes. When he felt he wasn’t being true to himself or his diehard fans, he reverted to what made him popular, which in turn led to a rebirth of his personal sound.

EDX is involved in every aspect of his brand, which allows him to not get complacent or bored. But it also serves to create a community within dance music, instead of everyone living such separate lives. Traveling around the world and meeting new fans also helps the creative process, as this organic interaction helps him discover the amazing and unique stories of his fans’ connection to the music too.

Colella has learned that music is insanely powerful; it connects people from all different backgrounds and brings each individual onto one dance floor. He hopes that the world outside of music can eventually do the same thing. He said, “I wish that more people would celebrate life together and that we would be happier for the people around us and take care of one another. I want us to be together and have a sense of community instead of living such separate lives.” That being said, we need to treat each other with respect and have a sense of community when we are not on the dance floor. We need to set an example for the rest of the world and show them how peace can be accomplished.

As Colella looks ahead to the future, he’s excited to continue this journey, which has resulted in three studio albums, his own SiriusXM podcast – No Xcuses (which has just reached 1 million downloads and is approaching its monumental 222nd episode), and residencies in world-renowned clubs such as Space Ibiza. It seems that his brand and his love for music is even stronger than ever, with energy he continues to deliver night after night around the world.