Heading our way on 31st May is a brand new remix package of the OT Quartet classic – ‘Hold That Sucker Down.’ To be released through the much loved Champion Records, there are five remixers stepping up to offer their own spin on the track: Cera Alba, Damien Hall, Alex Van Alff, StoneBridge and Bruno Kauffmann. 

We have the first full play of Kauffmann’s groove-laden house edit, and this one is certainly going to turn some heads on the dance floor. You can also pre order the full EP here. 

How did you first get involved in electronic music?

I have been a DJ since 1981 and started producing after 2010. Electronic music is my passion and I was born into a world where I had it plenty of it around me!

Do you follow a set procedure when working on a remix or is it different every time?

When I work on a remix I do according to my inspiration above all, nothing is standard. Each work is different and my style can vary, but I am always focusing on complimenting the original while putting my own personal touch into the remix.

Did you feel any added pressure working a track with such history?

No pressure at all. I was actually very happy to be offered to do a version of my own in such a historic original, an anthem back in the day. I feel I have done it well judging by the feedback I am getting and I’m sure more people will love it as soon as it goes out.

Outside of this rework, what can we expect from you for the rest of the year?

I have a few plans on the table, some releases are coming up on some interesting labels but if you don’t mind me, I would like to keep these a secret for now 😉

What has been your favourite venue to play at, and what is your dream venue to play at?

I have played in a lot of countries around the world all these years… I really like Brazil, Argentina and South America in general, no particular venue, it’s just the vibe people have there for dance music. Incomparable! Dreams to become true, as you would expect… Ibiza and Miami where I haven’t been before… Hopefully in 2015…

How do you feel about the “EDM” culture?

I adapt but I am not fond of this kind of music, I am not one of those persons constantly complaining, as my profession is to listen what is going on around me and make music that can be commercially “viable”. It’s just that the EDM culture never did it for me.


Set for release May 31st, you can grab a copy here.