How fire is your mixtape? Well now you can find out, as Danish scientists have invented a safe speaker that makes use of sound waves to provide a personal pyrotechnics show – a serious one-up to the mildly successful “water speakers.”

It’s called the “Sound Torch” and its function is just as badass as the name implies. The demo video they provide us is playing the notoriously catchy “Tremor” by Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike with Martin Garrix, and shows how melodies produce different patterns in the small flames and bass lines produce big flames in time with the drop. (This is similar to the Ruben’s tube video that surfaced last year.)

With promises to upload more music from every different genre to demo the speakers on their YouTube account, and a waiting list already set up for those interested in getting their own, it appears that the Sound Torch is actually heading to market. We can’t wait to see the disclaimers on this thing to protect them from lawsuits when people burn their house down – but until then, we can dream.