Now normally a long night of drinking leads to lowered inhibitions and/or hours of minimal productivity. With that being said, allow me to introduce you to Daft As Punk, the Daft Punk tribute act that ended a night of intoxication with an amazing idea, an idea that didn’t involve three carne asada quesadillas (although don’t get me wrong, also an amazing idea).

The technologic tribute act recently caught up with The Ministry of Sound, shedding some light on how everything for them got started, “We went to this bar in Dublin that has really good Guinness. We sat down talking shite-for-the-night about how we could make some money, because we were both on the dole. And then as you do in a pub after eight pints of Guinness we just had a brainwave.”

That brainwave resulted in Eugene and James from Dublin investing in some Daft Punk helmets, learning a Daft Punk set, and throwing a tribute night for music’s favorite robots. Think that sounds amazing? You’re not alone. The robot love is so strong that Daft As Punk just finished a UK tour, with a full blown European tour coming this summer.

But the best part of Daft As Punk, is that they’re not just some dance music opportunists attempting to cash in on industry they know nothing about. They’re simply two friends from Dublin that love Daft Punk, missed seeing them live, and came up with a genius idea over beers that now has them touring around the world, around the worrrrld. If that doesn’t make your little heart flutter I don’t know what will.

Check the video below for the full interview, and check their Facebook for updates and hopefully an upcoming U.S. tour.