Huey Mack has joined forces with Afrojack and legendary rapper Twista for their newest video: ‘Funeral‘. The theme of the track revolves around his own funeral, so the video naturally starts with Mack lying in his own coffin. It doesn’t take long for the quintessential club scene to kick in, as Afrojack comes on screen with lights flashing and girls dancing in front of him.

According to Billboard, Mack commented that the beats were so “next level” that the concept for this song just came to him: “You should play this at my funeral.” Apparently Mack had just heard his first trap song, because this track sounds very similar to several festival trap songs that have been coming out for the past couple years.

Check out the video below, as Huey Mack is releasing this single to promote his upcoming independent album: Things Change.


Image Source: Billboard