Feenixpawl’s new label Eclypse is off to a promising start. They kicked things off with their own release “Ghosts,” a beautiful vocal progressive house jam featuring Melissa Ramsay. Their second release in just as many months is from Canadian producer Bynon and the tandem of Adam & Luwiss. Bynon, who has been lauded for his live mixing ability, is making the rounds right now with releases on major labels. With tracks on Revealed, Ultra, and S2, it’s hard to deny this producer’s talent, especially on such a cleanly mixed track like “Lyon”. Not much is known about collaborators Adam & Luwiss, but if is their first release than this could be the start of something worth watching. “Lyon” (pronounced Lion) is “Ghosts’ ” dancier, more hypnotic successor. Guaranteed to wreck any pool party this summer, “Lyon” is also  setting Eclypse up to be a properly curated label from Feenixpawl.

“Lyon” is out now and is available exclusively on Beatport.