I was a little hesitant when I first started listening to this track. You see, I’m not really a big fan of deep house. I like the genre well enough but rather despise the lack of originality coming out of the producers creating it these days. But it’s a perfect genre to blend and play with, considering its deep and infectious basslines and natural house rhythm.

So it’s only natural that deep house would one day meet with French house, but I never expected it to sound this good. It’s like if Zhu and Kavinsky had a love child.

For the most part, this track is pure deep house. But those synths are so characteristic of French house that it’s difficult to even avoid mentioning its immense influence in the overall vibe of this tune. And that’s really all it is – that one simple synth note repeated throughout the track brings so much more depth and complexity than the typical “do do do dododo do dodo” from future house or deep house.

The lyrics aren’t entirely necessary for the feel of this tune, but I won’t decry their use. It definitely provides another level of interest, and something to latch onto when the beat becomes lax at times. Human Movement has struck a cord with “Stranger,” and I really want to see where else this blend of genres can go.

For now, download “Stranger” for free here.